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Reverend Terri Hill
One of the things many of us like about Key West is that since we are at the end of the road we can ignore the "mainland" if we want to. They might be knee deep in some craze that we can just bypass altogether. We will keep sitting on the front porch, keep enjoying watching the sea creatures through crystal clear water, and keep treating our neighbors through the "one human family" motto.

But sometimes the mainland is hard to ignore. That is happening in a particular way for "Methodists" ever since the called General Conference in St. Louis in February. Since that Conference a lot of national news has picked up the banner of our national and global conflicts around how we relate to LGBTQ people.

As an active leader in Florida Methodism for at least the last 30 years, I have been very involved in what is happening on the mainland. I have attended meetings, signed letters of lament, sponsored legislation coming before the Annual Conference June 4-8, and posted lots of information on Facebook.

Even though all that is happening on the other end of all our bridges, I am still most focused on the people right here. Our beloved LGBTQ church members and family members and friends. Our LGBTQ neighbors and valuable members of our community. Loving our neighbors is the second commandment after loving God. No matter what happens on the mainland, that is my commitment every day.

May God forgive us when we fail and strengthen us to love everyone as Jesus called us to love.

Love & Prayers,
Terri Hill
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