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Reverend Terri Hill
The start of a new school year touches a place in all our memories. Maybe you remember your new lunchbox - one of the metal ones with the matching thermos inside? Maybe you remember the anxiety of starting the year in a new school? Perhaps you remember the joy or horror of learning who your teacher would be for the year?

As disciples (students) of Jesus Christ we are all in "school" learning how to love, forgive, serve, and follow our Rabbi Teacher every day. A disciple is a special kind of student, more like what we today call an apprentice. To be an apprentice means to gain knowledge and skills, information for our minds but also skills that we eventually master in whatever line of work we apprentice to fulfill.

In seminary (another school) we called that orthodoxy - right beliefs - and orthopraxy - right practice. Some disciples seem to think it is only about what we believe or think, others only what we do. As disciples, students apprentices of Jesus, it is both thoughts and actions, beliefs and practices.

So as lifelong disciples lets keep learning in the school of life how to think and live as apprentices of Jesus.

Love & Prayers,
Terri Hill
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