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Reverend Terri Hill
At bedtime three of my grandchildren say their prayers out loud one at a time in a specific order. From oldest to youngest (11 years old, 9 years old, and 7 years old) they say thank you to God for something, then help me God with something and forgive me God for something. When I am with them I join in the prayer too.

It is humbling to ask forgiveness for something from that very day out loud with others listening. This, my grandchildren tell me, is "the hard part of prayer."

The help me God prayer is pretty easy since there is always something coming up that could use divine assistance. They say things like help me with a test or with a friend or stay safe on a bike ride. I ask help making good decisions, solving problems and becoming a better person.

The easiest prayer by far is the "thank you God' part. Often we cannot stop with only one thing. There is so much joy in their voices when they thank God for butterflies, pool toys, ice cream cones, winning at Monopoly, getting a new shirt, finding a new friend in the neighborhood, making 100% on a test, and more. That joy is contagious as we listen together to the wonderful life God makes possible.

As we come near to Thanksgiving, I pray that your "thank you God" moments are full of joy!

Love & Prayers,
Terri Hill
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