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Reverend Terri Hill
Nowadays when you get a hand written invitation in the mail you are probably surprised. Actually a hand written anything is fairly surprising! Those that arrive in my mail box are usually wedding invitations or specially written thank you notes.

I'm not complaining about this because I use email for invitations too. I'm always glad when the RSVP choices include a quick and easy response. But I want us to stop and consider invitations for a moment.

Mass invitations to hundreds of people are useful ways to get the word out about events at the Theater or The Studios or another venue in town. When it catches your interest you buy tickets or put it on your calendar. When it doesn’t catch your interest you delete it.

Personal invitations are a different matter. When someone you know is inviting you personally and responses are more sensitive, hopefully you don’t hit "delete" and move on to your next task.

When it comes to God's invitation to us it couldn't be more personal. He came in person. He sends us many invitations in many ways to connect to us personally. Holy Week and Easter are BIG INVITATIONS. RSVP.

Love & Prayers,
Terri Hill
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