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Reverend Terri Hill

Dear Key West United Methodists,

A newsletter has been part of every church I have known, and writing an article for the newsletter is a monthly responsibility every pastor knows well. So it is strange to realize I am writing my last newsletter article for my last month as a Pastor of a local church.

Some of the articles over the years have been about important activities at the church and urging people to attend. Whether the popular proverb is "80% of success is showing up" or "90% of life is showing up," there is a lot of truth to both. Showing up to hear the missionary or to clean up the sanctuary or share the potluck dinner with others is where so much of true spirituality happens.

Some of the articles through the years were devotional in nature. Seeing God in the change of seasons or the events of national consequence or the funny thing a child said in the nursery. Perhaps I was trying to help people open their eyes and ears to the experience of God in every day life. If you are looking for a devotional all you need to do is ask where is God in that?

Some of the articles revolved around the Christian year and the importance of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Holy Week, Easter and Pentecost. The rhythm of these holidays year after year and decade after decade create a structure of meaning. Each year is an invitation to go a little deeper following Jesus Christ.

So let me finish my last article with a few short sentences. Show up - it matters. Look for God. Live the faith decade by decade. Follow Christ.

Love and Prayers,
Pastor Terri

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