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Reverend Terri Hill
August 2020

Dear friends,

One of the enduring metaphors of Christianity is the storm. Jesus slept in the boat while the storm was raging. The disciples were terrified. Jesus calmed the wind and the waves and spoke to them about how small was their faith. In that storm story God intervened and stopped the storm.

In a storm referenced in the Psalms complete with lightning and thunder, the Psalmist writes of God as a refuge from the storm. In this storm story it is not the storm that is calmed, but the heart of the Psalmist.

In one of the most loved hymns in the hymnal, It Is Well With My Soul, the author writes about sea billows that roll and the amazing kind of peace that God can bring in the midst of the storm.

My prayers for all of you is the kind of faith in a good and loving God that creates a refuge from the storms, a peace that passes understanding, and a willingness to share with others the difference that faith makes.

Love and Prayers,

July 2020

Dear Key West United Methodist Church,

We are living in a time of tremendous change for the church. Some churches had livestreaming as an extra ministry, but most churches were definitely an in person community. Some churches had Twitter accounts and YouTube channels, but they were in big cities and with mostly young people.

Now almost all the United Methodist churches in Florida are livestreaming on Sunday mornings and having small groups and meetings through programs like Zoom. We are definitely in this new majority. And it has been eye-opening.

People who are not Christians or sort of Christians or used to go to church Christians are tuning in to church services. It is so much easier to "go to church" on a computer or a cell phone. One article I read said evangelism has gone from "very hard" to "very easy" in our new reality.

We are also staying in touch with folks who go north for the summer or moved away. Our church community is a lot bigger now. We are also connecting with younger people and extended family members and friends.

One of the keys to all this is to stay connected personally with each other. On Facebook say hello to each other in the comments. Keep on calling each other. Join a small group. It turns out that these personal connections are one of the main ways God makes us a Church!

Love and Prayers,
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