Pastor's Note

Pastor's Note

Senior Pastor, Reverend Bridget Thornton


Greetings! I'm excited for September to be here. It's a month of celebrations for our family – anniversaries of parents and lots of birthdays. I'm also excited because it marks the start of fall, and we begin the steady march towards Advent and Christmas. I've already seen the Christmas decorations in stores! All these events remind me of the importance of family and how extra difficult the recent past has been as we've not been able to gather the ways we once did.

In September I will be preaching about Generations. God is a God of generations, introduced throughout the Bible as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Each generation is precious. Unfortunately, in the Church, the generations tend not to be represented. We are missing many but especially youth and young adults. God created us to be a part of a multi-generational environment. As infants we're utterly dependent on the generations before us. As adults we're responsible for those younger generations. I'm especially cognizant of how important this is in our community. Those of you who have multiple generations here are blessed. But many transplants, and especially the military folks, are far from those other generations of their family. How can we help? Where can we be grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin? Where can we be the missing generations for folks who need it?

As we are ministry together to the Keys, I look forward to the ways we can begin to reach new families and welcome the various gifts they bring. Considering this I will be conducting a listening session. This session will be held to discover the true needs of families and to see what opportunities there are to reach the youth and young adults. I will be listening to the youth and parents both within the church and those not yet a part of the church. From there we can begin to design a program that meetings the expressed needs of the youth and their families.

God is the God of Generations. God is not contained or owned by any one generation, and we all need one another to be complete. The main thing I will be encouraging you in, especially this month, is to have an "Ananias" (someone who can teach you), a "Paul" (a peer you can learn from), and a "Timothy" (someone who you are teaching). This is discipleship – we are discipled by others, and we are to disciple. Looking forward to the ways God will bring the generations together here at Key West UMC!

Amazed by Grace,
Pastor Bridget