Pastor's Note

Pastor's Note

Senior Pastor, Reverend Bridget Thornton
If you have previously been a part of another denomination you may know that not all Christians recite Creeds on a regular basis. The ones that do include: Methodists, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Catholics. Of those, the Lutherans and Episcopalians recite the Nicene Creed each week while the Catholics and the Presbyterians recite the Apostles' Creed. Methodists use a variety of creeds including the Nicene and the Apostles' Creeds.

Why do we have these and why do we recite a creed or affirmation of faith weekly? The Nicene Creed was the first created in 365. The Apostle's Creed first appeared in 411 but then wasn't used regularly until 650. These two creeds have been used in worship since those times.  They are formulaic recitations of key Christian doctrines. The formula for all creeds and affirmations of faith is trinitarian in nature. They all begin with who we understand God the Father/Creator to be. Then they share what and who we understand Jesus to be (usually addressing two natures – fully God and fully man). The last part is devoted to the Holy Spirit. We recite these weekly to keep the core components of Christianity before us, trusting that though we may not always understand every detail God will continue to unfold the truths of the creeds to us.

The Holy Spirit is often the least understood part of the trinity. If you take a theology survey course you'll see that the bulk of Christian writings through time deal a lot with God the Father and Jesus the Son. There is less written and understood about the Holy Spirit. Yet the Holy Spirit is alive and active and a key to our transformation through discipleship.

In July we'll be taking a look at the Holy Spirit. I promise no calls for speaking in tongues or other things that may come to mind with some Christian expressions of the Holy Spirit. We will look at who the Holy Spirit is. How we can dwell in the Spirit. How the Spirit dwells in us to bring about spiritual gifts and fruit that is evidence of our life being in God. If you've been wondering how to grow in your faith – this series is for you. Learning to dwell in the Holy Spirit and allowing the Holy Spirit to dwell within you and work through you is truly one of the
most life-changing pieces of Christianity.

Amazed by Grace,
Pastor Bridget